Experience true escapism and pampering onboard. Our superyacht spa consultants are masters of their craft, delivering tailored treatments where the only thing you’ll notice is the soothing touch and calming ambiance. Designed for seamless relaxation without interruption, our spa sanctuary eliminates distractions and movement between procedures so you can fully immerse in peaceful bliss.

5 different options of consulting

Pre- and re-opening

Medical Wellness




Successful pre- and Re-opening

These include brainstorming design concepts, creating a spa menu, and developing a training program.

The Progression of Onboard Medical Wellness

  • A Comprehensive Explanation of Medical Wellness
  • The Evolution of Medical Wellness: From Simple Spa Services to a Comprehensive Approach
  • Boosting Physical and Mental Well-being with Medical Wellness Practices
  • The Intersection of Technology and Personalized Care: The Future of Medical Wellness
  • Embracing Holistic Health with Medical Wellness: A Final Consideration

Methods for standardization in a design process include:

  • S.O.P. / Training Manual: providing a step-by-step guide for designers to follow, ensuring no deviation from established guidelines and helping new designers get up to speed quickly.
  • Audit / Monitoring: allowing for quality control by regularly checking the process, identifying deviations from standard procedures, and taking corrective action to ensure consistency and required standards are met.

Establishing Consistency with Manual Procedures

This manual is a great tool to help you create uniform standards and policies in your organization. The following areas are critical for your focus:

  • Development of operations
  • Mystery checks and audits
  • Service and treatment protocols
  • Creation of S.O.P.
  • Staff training

By implementing these protocols, you can guarantee that your business is operating at maximum efficiency.

Internationally accredited yacht spa training academy

Our services include organizing and implementing spa wellness training programs, as well as facilitating in-house training. Our training modules cover everything from 5-star standards for operational excellence to effective booking schedules, treatment knowledge, benefits and contraindications, spa menu and brand standards training, treatment room setup, guest welcome and farewell rituals, hygiene and sterilization procedures, and stock control and management.

Our spa and wellness team collaborates with clients, interior designers, and project managers to create efficient and optimized spa experiences. We offer advice and assistance throughout the entire build process, including equipment and customizations, accessories, and consumables. Our forward planning ensures that spa teams are well-provisioned ahead of trips. We design menus with treatment protocols suitable for the available space, allowing for a fully functioning spa experience from day one.

Different Consulting Service Fees:

  • Hourly/Daily-Based
  • Consulting Retainer
  • Project-Based

Areas of Expertise in Spa Services

If you’re looking for spa services, you need to know what we specialize in. Check out our areas of expertise below:

  • Pre-Opening/Premium Spa Concept
  • Spa Development
  • Brand Standards and Service Protocols
  • Wellness Area Conceptual Design
  • Functional and Technical Specifications
  • Unique Spa Service Solutions
  • High-End Services/Products
  • Executive Recruitment Support
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Management