Suppliers and Designers for a High-End Superyacht Spa

We work closely with clients, interior designers, and project managers to create efficient and optimized spa experiences. Our spa and wellness team offers valuable advice and assistance throughout the entire build process, including customizations, equipment, accessories, and consumables. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that spa teams are well-equipped ahead of trips. We design menus with treatment protocols suitable for the available space, allowing for a fully functioning spa experience from day one.

Equipment and Personalization Options

We offer a variety of spa and wellness equipment from prestigious brands, including Lemi. Our network is constantly expanding to obtain the most advanced equipment and beauty products available. When designing a spa for clients, we collaborate with manufacturing partners to create custom solutions and finishes, even for large furniture, tailored to fit the space perfectly.

Products and Supplies

Important Considerations for Establishing a Thriving Spa. When creating a successful spa, several factors should be considered to ensure customer satisfaction. These include selecting appropriate product ranges, designing an effective treatment menu, and ensuring adequate quantities of consumables are available. Advanced planning is necessary to address logistical challenges that may arise when obtaining desired product ranges. To avoid neglecting treatment areas and protocols, it is crucial to hire spa personnel early in the process. Our spa design team can also provide assistance in selecting and creating menus that are tailored to the available space.